Month: March 2016

Leadership Waste Continued…

Trash Bin

Leaders who frequently come late to meetings create one of the ultimate forums of waste.  Having 10, 15, even 20 or more people sitting around waiting for the leaders to arrive is simply wrong.  It shows no respect for the leaders people, completely wastes people (companies) time.  It also displays arrogance on behalf of the leaders….he or she comes late because they can!  I understand emergencies,  but frequent episodes of lateness is very poor leadership and speaks volumes of the leader.

Pardon me for talking while you were interrupting me!!

Trash Bin

WASTE of the highest form!!  Do you often go to meetings and there are 2, 3,4, or even 5 people talking at the same time!  Talking over each other and no one listening!!  How could you even listen if you wanted to?  I can only listen to one person at a time.  It happens far too often in far to many companies and in far too many meeting rooms!  Nothing gets accomplished, and you are destined to return to the same topics next meeting!!  Which  brings me back to one of my favorite sayings….”Shut up and Listen”!!  Please weigh in here….does this happen to you?