Month: April 2016

We should talk again!

Much gratitude and appreciation to @CarlisleCompany for allowing me to be a part of the 2016 North America Parts Benchmark Conference #NAPB. It was an honor to present my thoughts on “The Power of Leadership” to my my fellow warehousing, supply chain and logistics professionals. I look forward to continued opportunities to share and encourage leadership by listening, leading and the pursuit of operations excellence! I’d love your feedback! @CharlieHyndman


The Power of Leadership & Operations Excellence

@CarlisleCompany has kicked off the 2016 North America Parts Benchmark Conference with class and energy as our host city of Baltimore, Maryland beams on a beautiful Tuesday. Looking forward to presenting “The Power of Leadership” during the Operations Excellence breakout session this afternoon to a diverse audience of OEM sales & marketing professionals, high-potential employees and senior executives! Let’s talk @CharlieHyndman


The Power of Leadership!

I’m excited to join my fellow warehousing, supply chain and logistics professionals at the 24th annual 2016 North America Parts Benchmark Conference this week. #NAPB offers its members the opportunity to design and execute benchmarking activities while understanding best-in-class performance and the processes used to achieve these best-in-class results. I am honored to have been invited to this forum by @CarlisleCompany to share my experience on “The Power of Leadership” during the course of the conference, communicating a simple message my colleagues may be able to use as a spring-board for their own personal growth and the betterment of their own leadership goals. Find me @CharlieHyndman



Leadership Waste Continued- Part 3!

Trash Bin

MEETINGS……Without knowing who the people are, I can usually tell who the highest ranking is! How you say? Simply by observing the one doing all or most of the talking!! This is once again, “leadership waste” of the highest form. An extraordinary leader or even a good leader, must be an excellent facilitator of his or her meetings. They must first insure healthy discussion, where people are not talking over each other.  Then they must draw out from all participants, their thoughts, their reasons and their recommendations. But most of all the leader must be an outstanding listener. If they do all the talking, the team will shut down and just answer questions when they have to. Not much will get accomplished.  In fact, if the drill was to just do what the leader wanted in the first place, there probably was no need for a meeting or a discussion.

When a leader facilitates and listens, the best decision will become clear and easy to see, as his team will have debated the issue, developed strategies and made recommendations. All the leader has to do is let his team tell him or her the best path going forward.

So to all you leaders out there, if you don’t want all your people looking at their shoes while you do all the talking… let them do all the talking and you do all or most of the listening!! Try it and you will see what it means to set the team free!!