Thought of the Week

David P. Carlisle, Chairman of Carlisle & Company, Inc.

I have known Charlie Hyndman for more than a decade and believe him to be the top parts logistics mind in the world.  This is not my opinion.  It is a simple fact.  Under Charlie’s leadership General Motors parts warehousing productivity and quality climbed from close to worst in class to best in class.  The numbers support this, and the resulting performance supports this.  To propel a giant like GM to top-of-class requires a lot more than common genius and guru-dom in parts warehousing.  It requires leadership with expert control of ego and arrogance.  People need to want to follow a leader; people want to improve because the path improvement is clear, the accomplishments are recognized, and the rewards are commensurate.  It helps if the leader is emphatic and articulate.  That pretty much nails down Charlie’s sense of style.  When Charlie speaks you want to listen, you feel better by doing so, and you learn a whole bunch.  Do I recommend Charlie?  Yes, without reservation.