Thought of the Week

What did your day look like?

Last week I teased this post:

Charlie Post It

Unfortunately this daily task list applies to far too many leaders.  It happened to me for years.  What’s important for a leader, is what he or she does between those four daily events. Important for our teams at work and our families at home. That’s where powerful leaders (as well as Mothers, Fathers, Husbands and Wives) make their impact and you need to be present and conscience to be effective.  Far too often our day is blurr.  If we let it be a blur, our teams will notice, and our families will notice.  Not in a good way.  Our teams and our families need us to be present all day long, paying close attention to them, their hopes, their dreams and their ideas.  Most important we need to be outstanding listeners. The dividends are endless.

So in other words… shut up and listen!

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