Why Choose Charlie?


Charlie helps people take that step from being great at what they do, to developing the qualities it takes to consistently be great leaders. He gets them to understand why their products, services, or leadership styles-or those of their competitors-are selected. And as he says – sometimes the best thing a leader can do is “shut up and listen!” His presentations help people become more influential regardless of circumstances.

Charlie has presented to thousands within the automotive industries work force from entry level to some of the most effective leaders and business pioneers. As a leader, Charlie has empowered teams and applied innovative practices to lead General Motors North America to be a benchmark for quality and success in challenging arenas during economic prosperity and bear markets. His soft spoken yet authoritative style receives high praise, but his greatest strength is bringing together his wealth of experience, combined with current and pop culture references to deliver a magnetic performance that keeps his audience engaged and attentive.


Known for his ability to connect with an audience at a very basic level, Charlie delivers powerful content built on real word experience and research that he customizes to your needs. His background from UAW days to executive leadership, with safety, quality, manufacturing, and logistics enable Charlie to identify with or apply insight to any situation or need. He can reach the CEO and the janitor in the same audience with a consistent, relevant message.


Charlie delivers valuable tools your group can apply immediately. His down-to-earth, relatable style includes a strong mix of realism and thought provoking questions that entertains and educate. Charlie expertly engages audiences, making his keynotes meaningful and memorable. Beyond bits of humor and the occasional “gotcha-moments,” he delivers high-impact, motivational programs that answer the big questions with ease and confidence.